I’m Deepak Bansal. My parents stay in Ajmer, Rajasthan and I have a younger sister who works in Chennai. I’m a chemical engineer, currently helping my firm buy chemicals and food ingredients. I was born in a small town in India called Rohtak in the state of Haryana. And then, 26 years later, I was born again..this time in Singapore, and to never die again. God has been kind to me and my family. I see His hand of favour upon my life. He has blessed me with more than enough. He humbled me and taught me the meaning of love.

I’m Nips Poblete and eldest of 4 children in my family. I’m the unica hija (only female child) in the family. I’ve been raised as a Christian by my loving parents, Chito and Len. Our family is quite close, hence when our parents moved to Singapore in Apr 2007, my 2 brothers and I followed them subsequently. 5 of us live in Singapore as 1 happy family, while the youngest is still living in Manila. I work in Singapore as an Engineering Operations Manager.

We got married in February 2013 in the place where we met and fell in love – Singapore! We have a heart for the youth. As the Lord leads us, we are looking to grow this ministry in order to be a blessing to the young generation. In a world where “everything goes”, the need for a strong biblical foundation among our youth is greater than at any other time in history.